How do you Borrow Money Online?

For some time, loans over the Internet have been a very popular loan product. They are offered by loan companies that are boldly entering the Polish market. This can be seen, for example, in the number of commercials that appear on television or the Internet. Thanks to the increasing accessibility of the Internet, more people can use them, so it is no wonder that with each year the number of applicants for money increases. Certainly there would be more, but some people are afraid that online loans are extremely complicated and can deal with all procedures. Meanwhile, it is not a complicated matter, and even a person who does not have much in common with surfing the web, calmly cope with everything. The more so because the websites of loan companies are extremely clear and intuitive.

Stages of borrowing money online

Stages of borrowing money online

If we find out that we have to borrow money and we want to do it via the Internet, we must first of all sit quietly in front of the computer. Then we should go through several stages that will lead us to a happy end and to top up our bank account. Below we present what to do to quickly and efficiently borrow money online .

Stage 1: Choosing a loan company.

There are currently many companies operating on our online loan market. Interestingly, more and more of them appear. For clients, this is very good news, because competition somehow forces loan companies to fight for customers and offer them better and better offer. So if we have never used the offer of loan companies, we can have a good “zagwostkÄ™” during the selection of the company in which we submit the application. What should we be guided by? First of all, look for those who have bills in the same bank as we do. This will speed up the whole process, and the money will quickly appear on the bill. Let’s also look for companies that offer loans for free . Thanks to this, after paying off the debt on time, we will return exactly as much as we borrowed. Companies that have such an offer for new customers, are sure to find the one that suits us best.

Stage 2 – registration in the database

When we have a chosen company, we have to register in it. It is not very complicated and takes only a few minutes. At the time of registration, we only provide our basic data, which can be found in our ID card. In addition, it is also necessary to provide the company with a telephone number as well as a bank account. It is on this account that money will be sent. In the registration form, we also have questions about our income, employment, etc.

Stage 3 – data verification

The data provided by us during registration must be verified. For this purpose, we should transfer from the account we provided during the registration to the account of the company in which we submit the application a small amount. Usually, it is 1 penny or 1 zloty. Importantly, most companies require that the transfer be made from an account that no one has shared and which is not an account for the business. When the verification transfer reaches the company’s account, personal data can be confirmed.

Stage 4 – applying for a loan

After registration, we can already apply for a loan. Usually, we do this through the sliders, which we indicate how much we want to borrow and after what time we will pay the debt. What is important, when we mark the amount that interests us, we also see how much the loan will cost us (unless we use the loan for free). This amount will not change.

Stage 5 – waiting for a decision

The majority of loan companies, when they get the application, proceed to its consideration (of course, if we submit an application during business hours). Because we do not have to send any documents to the company, the lender only checks the debtors’ records and if we do not appear in them, the loan will always be granted to us. Waiting for decisions usually takes about 5-10 minutes, after which we are informed if we will get the money or not.

Stage 6 – withdrawal of funds

If the decision on granting the loan is positive, the company immediately makes a transfer to the previously given account. So if it is in the same bank as the loan company’s account, we have the money at your disposal within minutes of submitting your applications and accepting them positively.
As you can see, filing a loan application online is not complicated at all and there is nothing to worry about whether we can deal with it. We can always count on the help of the employees of the companies in which we submit the application, which makes the whole procedure much easier.

How can we borrow money again in a loan company

How can we borrow money again in a loan company

It often happens that after using the first loan, we must re-apply for a loan via the Internet. We can then use the offer of a new company or submit an application again in the same. If we choose the first option, we will go through all the stages we have given before. However, if we decide to resubmit the application in the same company, we have two options. First of all, after logging into our profile in a loan company, we can apply for a loan right away. We also have a second option. We can submit an application via SMS by sending the appropriate code to the number provided on the company’s website. As we can see, when we reapply for a loan in the same company, we skip the registration or data verification stage. This significantly speeds up the entire procedure, which is still rapid.

When deciding to borrow on the Internet, we must be aware of this, although we can get the money quickly and without unnecessary formalities, but their costs are quite high. Of course, this does not apply to situations when we use the first loan for free. Therefore, before we decide to submit an application in a loan company, let’s consider exactly whether we need the money and whether we will have enough funds to make the money available on time.